IPad pedestal Apple stylus charging seat
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IPad pedestal Apple stylus charging seat
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Delicate and Elegant Design: 3 in 1 Specialized design with pencil charging dock, modern pencil stand and phone stand, up to 0.4’’ width slot, fits for most phone. Besides, when charging your pencil still looking stylish and sleek on your desk.

Solid Aluminum Alloy Body: It is a new type charger holder helper which is different from other Pencil Stand for its high quality and elegant appearance. Used aluminum alloy material to build its dock could cooling faster and more durable. Weighted design, prevent from tipping over, and match with other Apple device decor.

Easy to Install: Use your Screwdriver to open the base, then you will see a white locking plug, respectively put the locking plug and Lightning Adapter(come with your Apple Pencil) through Aple USB cable, then insert cable to the stand from bottom, screw back the base, now you can use it to charge your Apple Pencil.

Anti-slipping & scratch silica gel: There is two wave-shaped anti-slipping silica gel belts in this stand bottom and one piece on the phone stand slot (width: 0.4 inch) to prevent scratch your phone or tablet which reflect the truth that Winstar develops consistent meticulousness and thoughtfulness to the greatest extent. Reducing customers’ worry about easy scrolling because of its small column size.

Portable: This special touch pencil Stand is small and compact, looks very delicate and cabinet, you can put in handbag, no matter where you go it is very easy to carry and keep. Its compact and lightweight design not only save space but also convenient carry and easy operated.


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