Creative Android hand loop data line
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Creative Android hand loop data line
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Product information
Model: hand loop USB data charging line
Interface: Micro USB2.0
Length: 20CM
Material: ABS/TPE
Color: White / red / Green / Blue / grey
Product features
The two interface is optional. An apple specific interface is suitable for iphone/ipad Apple products. Another V8 interface is suitable for Andriod smart phone /MP3/MP4 and other interfaces with the same digital products.

1. standard USB2.0 line, transmission speed line core using high quality nickel plating oxygen free copper material conductor: 28AWG core line.
The 2. gold-plated joint provides excellent transmission, which makes the high-speed transmission of data fast and accurate. It provides up to 480Mbps ultra fast data transmission rate.
3. solid welding, over 3000 times through anti swing test.
4. by 70P ultra soft non-toxic rubber (P high wire number is more soft, wear resistance extended service life)


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